Here at Active Solar, we specialize in helping commercial businesses use solar energy.

Many people are noticing the many benefits of going solar, so it is no wonder businesses are enjoying having solar power too. Our experts understand the benefits and enjoy working with commercial businesses so that their solar power can be as effective and run as smoothly as possible.

Many commercial businesses enjoy moving to solar energy for many reasons. First, it will drastically cut your overhead costs. Our solar systems are designed to meet your energy demands. You will no longer have to pay for power utility. Also, having solar power can be a fantastic tax benefit. Federal and state tax incentives make it even easier for you to switch to a solar alternative.

There are different solar panel options for your specific needs. First, roof-mounted panels are great for open spaces available above your building. Secondly, ground-mounted panels are for businesses with limited optimal roof space. The ground-mounted system will utilize unused land on your property. Lastly, carport systems provide shade, covering cars in a parking lot, while passively generating electricity.

Our friendly and helpful staff want to help you find the best option possible for your business. If you have any questions regarding commercial solar energy, contact us today at (800) 214-6438.