About UsWe help our clients generate savings by capturing the suns energy to power their future.

Utilizing solar energy and experiencing energy independence, while giving back to the community and preserving the environment.


Expanding the awareness of renewable energy through installation, education and community outreach.


Our vast knowledge and certification in home performance has allowed us to help develop and guide in the construction of custom green homes. Building homes designed to use less energy inspired the idea to create energy saving characteristics that we have today. These houses are iconic in design and built to reach the goals of a net zero home. This transition has helped our clients better understand energy efficiency and in turn receive a higher return on investment.

Active Solar continues to grow each quarter due to our large customer referral base and commitment to Green Energy solutions. Installing residential, commercial, and municipal work has formed the majority of our installations. Along with California, we are licensed in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah, with installations reaching across the western states.


With our focus on solar installation, we have also been active in Orange County as an educational and advocacy group. Active Solar has helped guide our community to support the many benefits of sustainable and renewable energy. We help to create jobs in our industry and in our local community by hiring former men and women of service. These jobs contribute to our economic growth and foster the desire to become an activist for green living